Repairs + Installation

As local experts, you can count on Above All Plumbing, Inc. to be available for you 24hrs a day for unexpected plumbing emergencies. From knowledgeable office staff to our technicians, we will ensure that your job is scheduled and completed swiftly. You are guaranteed the highest quality materials and highly-skilled technicians to diagnose and repair your problem.

We repair & install all types of pipe:

Galvanized PVC ABS
Cast Iron PEX DWV
Copper CPVC  

We will install any of your fixtures, including:

Dishwashers Tub/shower valves Garbage disposals
Toilets Water heater Sinks
Bath tubs    

Gas Lines

Above All Plumbing, Inc. can repair or install any size gas pipe (metal or plastic), complete an air test, and complete a CFH calculation to insure the job is done properly.

When adding or upgrading your appliances such as a new oven, range, dryer, furnace, BBQ or fireplace, Above All Plumbing, Inc. will make sure you have the correct size gas pipe for the job.

We submit the drawings necessary to the city and install your gas line up to code.

We can also install an earthquake seismic valve. This will automatically shut off the gas to your home if an earthquake should occur.

Contact us to schedule an inspection, estimate, or service call as soon as you notice a problem!

Slab Leaks

Above All Plumbing, Inc. will locate your leak and walk through options that are available for you to make the best decision.

From repairing the pipe under the slab, rerouting a small section of pipe overhead or repiping the entire house. Above All Plumbing, Inc. professionally trained crew, will get the job done in a timely manner.

You may have a slab leak if:

You feel a hot spot on the floor Have a high water or PG&E bill
Hear water running Have water discoloration of the floor